Avoid getting pinched on St Patrick’s Day with green rose Limonada

This March 17th, people will get together and celebrate St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. On the special day, the topmost thing on every celebrant’s mind is the color green, from clothes, to drinks, to flowers. Just as Shamrocks are a symbol of Ireland, more and more rose growers are adding their own twist into the holiday with their green varieties such as Plantec Ecuador’s Limonada.

Aviram and his father Carlos Krell of Plantec Ecuador at the Plantador booth. Plantador represents Kordes, Interplant, Grandiflora, Delbard, Plant Research Overberg, and Scea Rosaplant in Colombia and Plantec represents them in the rest of South America.

Limonada is a green rose of Plantec Ecuador’s 2018 collection and according to the company’s Aviram Krell, it is more than just a good way to share this holiday. «It is also a way to preserve the existence of green roses, which are becoming increasingly rare due to the small niche market which they are a part of.»

The tradition of celebrating St. Patrick’s day has changed drastically from a day of quiet reflection and going to mass, to becoming one of the most globally celebrated “holidays” in the world, with people living in every continent of the globe expected to participate.

The history behind St. Patrick’s day is rich and green is the key color. «Many of us, for example, know the tradition of pinching those who are not wearing green on St. Patrick’s day, and while this is done to remind people of how sneaky leprechauns can be in modern times, historically it was done to show solidarity to Ireland. Known as the Emerald Isle, green has always been associated with Ireland.»

«So, what better way is there to avoid getting pinched, and perhaps share a bit of cultural knowledge this coming March 17th with the Limonada?»

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