Plantec and the Breeders     

Plantec thrives from excellent relationships with four breeders. These relationships have developed and grown throughout years concurrently with each Breeder's participation and influence in the Latin American market. This permits us to count on the very best selection of varieties in the entire continent.

Each of these Breeders brings unique strengths to Plantec's world effort. Each one provides us with so many unique varieties that we can proudly state that we currently offer not only the biggest, but the most expansive selection of rose varieties in the world. Our roses are created specifically for the spontaneous land and temperature conditions that are part of every Latin American country. In fact, we can state with the surest certainity that no matter in what country you live in, be it at sea level or 3000 meters above, having a night temperature of 13 or 18 degrees, in Plantec, you will always find a variety that can suit your needs.

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