Plantec was created as a response to the needs of a modern grower. At Plantec, we always pride ourselves on qualities that have characterized us from the begining. Among them: Quality, Cleanliness, Punctuality in Delivery, a vast collection of Varieties, and an incredible post-sale customer service.

We have managed to sustain these qualities for more than fifteen years by adopting and implementing someo of the most advanced global technology.

We are exclusive representatives of the world's oldest and most venerable rose breeder, W. Kordes Sohne Rosenchulen of Germany. We also depend on the trust of other innovative breeders such as Interplant B.V. (from Holland) and Scea Rosaplant and Delbard Pepinieres (both from France). Our close relationships with the aformentioned have allowed us to continually select varieties in both Ecuador and Colombia which are fully adapted to not only our climate but to our clients' market as well.

At Plantec, cleanliness and quality are obligations. We use meristematic mother plants (which are grown under a greenhouse with hydroponics) that are changed every third year. In addition, we are also investing our technologies in evaluating new clones of varieties that in the future can provide the extra quality or two that can make the variety a success.

All of this progress and culture has been made possible by dedicated administrative and technical teams, which have concurrently allowed us to gain trust and credibility from our clients.

Although Plantec produces solely in Ecuador, our presence is felt throughout the Latin American continent. Our plants have impacted agricultural markets from Mexico in the north to Argentina in the south. Moreover, the packaging system developed by our copmany continues to awe clients for its unrivaled dependability in even the longest flights. Our insistence on complete quality, coupled with our qualified personel, has enabled us to finally send some of the best, cleanest, and healthiest varieties in the world to Africa. The fact that our plants are currently being produced in Ethiopia proves that a product of quality knows no borders.

Plantec S.A. does not only deliver the agricultural product. At Plantec, we believe that in this competetive world, a client's investment in our product is only fully rewardable by the utmost security and peace of mind, from the day the order is taken, to the final delivery, and beyond.